Landlord Services - Your One-Stop Property Management Solution

At HouseShaw, we understand the challenges and responsibilities of being a landlord.

That’s why we offer comprehensive property management services designed to simplify your life and maximise your returns. Our services are tailored to help you manage every aspect of your rental property with ease and efficiency.

Ready to Let – Refurbishment & Compliance

Preparing your property for the rental market is crucial. We handle everything from refurbishments to ensuring full compliance with all regulatory requirements. Our team of experts work diligently to make your property appealing and compliant, ensuring it meets all local housing standards.

Rent Optimisation

Are your properties earning as much as they could be? Our market experts specialise in evaluating and adjusting rent prices to ensure you receive competitive market rates. We’ve helped numerous landlords increase their rental income by aligning prices with current market trends.

24/7 Maintenance & Emergency Response

We offer a robust maintenance management system, accessible 24/7 via our dedicated app. This allows tenants to report issues at any time, ensuring swift and efficient resolutions. In case of emergencies, our team is ready to respond immediately, minimising damage and discomfort.

Landlord Dashboard

Stay updated with every aspect of your property through our exclusive landlord app. From rent statements to maintenance tickets and all tenancy documentation, everything is accessible in one place, providing you with complete control and transparency over your property management.

Landlord Protection Products

Protect your investment with our range of landlord protection products. These include rent guarantee to cover you if a tenant is unable to pay, and comprehensive support should you need to navigate the complexities of evicting a tenant.

Deposit Enhancement Options

Enhance your tenancy agreements with strong deposit options, providing added security and peace of mind. Our innovative solutions protect your property while ensuring tenant accountability.

Property Renovation & Project Management

Need to upgrade or renovate? We coordinate all aspects of property renovation, from dealing with contractors to overseeing the project, ensuring that your property not only looks it’s best but also adheres to all compliance standards without any hassle on your part.

Portfolio Strategy & Mortgage Assistance

We go beyond day-to-day management. Engage with us to strategise for your property portfolio’s growth and connect with top-notch mortgage suppliers. Our network and expertise can help you maximize your investment returns.

Off-Market Buying Service

Looking to expand your portfolio? Our off-market buying service sources high-yielding investment properties for investors like you. Benefit from exclusive deals and opportunities not available on the open market.

At HouseShaw, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop property shop. Let us take the stress out of property management, so you can enjoy the benefits of your investment with none of the hassle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your goals as a landlord!

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